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Bitcoin in the year 2030

First let’s look at where we are now.  Then we will extrapolate to the year 2030.  Here is a report on exchange balances regarding Bitcoin for this week. 96,000 Bitcoin are leaving exchanges for cold storage each month, 27,000 Bitcoin are produced each month.  In March or April, 2024, the miner reward of 6.25 Bitcoin per block will be cut in half.  Production will be half what it is now, at that time.  By 2030, the miner reward will be only 1.5625 Bitcoin for each block produced.  This scarcity, by 2030, will make Bitcoin the scarcest asset on the planet.  What do we contrast that with.  How about fiat currency?  Let’s look at the current symptoms of global money printing in fiat currency.  Reverse repos have given banks liquidity, and allowed fortune 500 companies to buy back their own stock.  Thereby, pumping their stock price and board members, and executives bonuses.  Below are examples of what the subsequent fiat currency inflation does to small businesses.  You know, on main street:


Neutral ATM Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin in the year 2030


This survey to small business owners about the issues in the US economy.  Here are the responses below: