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Bitcoin Hodl Wave Incoming

Greyscale Bitcoin Trust has gone from an AUM (assets under management) of $1.9 Billion to $5.2 Billion as of now per their website today.  That increase is 173% in 2020.  Most of this is institutional investors getting 1% to 5% of their investor portfolios into Bitcoin.  Then yesterday, Stone Ridge Asset Management announced $115 Million of investors’ portfolios from their funds are invested in Bitcoin.  As the DXY (USD Index) loses value, as more stimulus is released which is only a matter of time, more investors and CEO’s will realize Bitcoin is their lifeboat to hedge and opt out of this inflation or deflation headed our way.  Here is an updated list of publicly traded companies holding Bitcoin in their reserve assets.  Last week it was $5.5 Billion.  This week it totals $6.4 Billion:

What creates growth in the long-term Bitcoin price? More accounts holding Bitcoin long-term.  With reserve assets, institutional investors, hedge fund managers all pouring money into Bitcoin.  The HODL wave is now at an alltime high of 63%.  The previous alltime high was 61% in early 2016 before the 2017 bull run that brought the price up 20 times higher by December 2017. has a chart about that, click here to view chart.

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