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Bitcoin Health

Below we have some charts showing the health of Bitcoin.  We know it is crashing some today, it broke down out of the long running symmetrical triangle, all is not lost!  This first chart is the number off bitcoin addresses holding 1,000+ Bitcoin.  $31Million + in value, today.  2,500 whale addresses now, that number was 2,000 a year ago.  Here is the chart:

The stock to flow chart is perfectly on track.  Appears Plan B’s prediction of $288K is not out of the cards up to this point.  Neutral ATM still believes conservatively $160K to $220K is a realistic estimate for the top of the bull market.  However, we will keep watching this and update that as we go along.  The latest version of this model shows Bitcoin is barely, if just under halfway up this bull run.  Since it has already run up 700% since the March 2020 low of $3,800, the predictions over $200K are realistic even though the price action has a long way to go.

Neutral ATM sees massive political upheavel coming in 2021 globally, below is a tweet about some of what has happened, just in 2021 so far.  2020 will be tame compared to 2021 from a political upheavel standpoint.  There will be more to come!  We are not bringing up Covid 19 in that.  But there is a lot of financial upheavel mixed in with the political:

Bitcoin keeps chugging along though.  We see the bottom of this capitulation around $23,500 to $25,000, then a massive, and we mean massive pump!  Zoom out on Bitcoin.  See this 9 year chart below:


Then look at what Blackrock is doing.  Filing with the SEC to start Bitcoin Futures Derivative, click here to view.


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