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Bitcoin; Global moves being made to accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender, and to use natural resources to create power, and mine it

Bitcoin is very revolutionary.  Here are the latest moves being made to adopt Bitcoin, and mine it to stabilize the power grid.  OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) technology utilized most in Hawaii, uses cold deep seawater with much warmer surface water to create power.  It is the MOST efficient way to mine Bitcoin.  In this article below, the future possibility of Hawaii becoming the next great Bitcoin mining hub is explored.  It may be a few years away.  Interesting article that looks promising, click here to read more.


Apparently, OTEC could create enough power to the grid, to someday power 1 billion people living close to the  warmest oceans.  Bitcoin mining makes it economically possible to do this.  El Salvador mines Bitcoin using steam from volcanoes.  They have accepted it as legal tender.  Remember, of the 44 countries that visited El Salvador to learn about Bitcoin as legal tender.  Many of them were coastal African nations.  They have the resources to mine Bitcoin using OTEC technology.  This could revolutionize the African continent someday!  It requires an eye to the future to see where blockchain and specifically Bitcoin, could take humanity.  Bringing power where it otherwise would be sporadic at best.  Mining a digital currency in some of the poorest countries in the world.  That is revolutionary.  It is a gift, and we need to use it the right way!  


Russia has a bill awaiting a vote to make Bitcoin legal tender in that country.  There is already Oil being traded for Rubles by 20 countries right now, and growing.  Soon they will be able to trade Oil for Bitcoin as well. Click here to see article.


The meeting about Bitcoin as legal tender just ended last Friday.  It will be exciting to find out what comes out of this.  Apparently, the representatives from these 44 countries were positive about Bitcoin, and could see the possibilities for their respective countries.  How many of them will adopt Bitcoin as legal tender?  This answer will go a long way in increasing the adoption of Bitcoin, and showing the world how it can be used for good!

This brings us to global macro analysis now.  We know the US dollar has lost tremendous buying power since 2020.  The DXY is falling faster now, and there is pressure forming to keep rates lower.  Below at a Brookings Institute speech, Ben Bernanke the former Fed Chairman said:


“Monetary policy is 98% talk.” - Ben Bernanke, former Fed Chair