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For many years now, a single global currency has been bantered about.  The Economist cover from 1988:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin!


CBDC (central bank digital currency) will likely be that currency.  For now.  However, Bitcoin is making some noise.  We are NOT saying it will be global reserve currency by a certain date.  This will take an unknown amount of time.  Eventually, yes we think it can become global reserve currency.  When?  We cannot say.


We know that by the 2024 miner reward halving, Bitcoin will be the scarcest asset on Earth.  We also know Russia has allowed Bitcoin to be used to pay for Oil shipments by trading partners deemed friendly to Russia.  There are 7 countries now, that have made Bitcoin legal tender (El Salvador, Ukraine), or are voting on that soon (Honduras, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina).  This next chart shows us where CPI is trending:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin!


Thanks to Will Clemente for the above chart.  Keep in mind the scarcity context of Bitcoin.  Then observe this chart where futures contracts are asking today, for $45K to $48K Bitcoin: