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Bitcoin Futures ETF on NYSE!

What is really going on with the ETF’s now going live on the NYSE, plus the spot ETF coming down the pike?  How does this impact Bitcoin longterm?  We have made it very clear in dozens of past blogs that CPI inflation is not true inflation.  Real inflation is probably 12% to 17% depending on your geography and by now it’s likely higher than that on the West Coast.  We have dissected CPI several times here before.  Also, it is clear inflation is NOT transitory as Jerome Powell said a few months ago.  It’s here to stay.  We have also made it clear, we believe a deflationary stock market crash is coming up very, very soon.  Perhaps by November 1st?  Who knows.  Point is there are many good reasons to see inflation is here to stay, and a stock market crash is around the corner.  Therefore, investors are very nervous.  The AUM (assets under management) of 401K investors (65 Million) is $110 trillion.  Now those investors have a futures ETF for Bitcoin.  Here are two articles below about the two new ETF’s:

Furthermore, the Greyscale spot Bitcoin ETF is coming out soon.  It is expected to go live by 12/31/21, maybe a little earlier.  Click here to read teh article.


These options for investors will unlock pools of capital worth $110 trillion, and probably more, once the Greyscale ETF comes out.  A 1% allocation from these investors would double the Bitcoin market cap!  

Neutral ATM is opening up another 6 new locations to serve customers, right away.  We have a plan to move in to the Austin, TX market soon.  We will have Bitcoin ATM’s from West Houston down to the coastal region, and South of Austin.  By 2023, we will have these regions well represented.  Every economic level can benefit from buying Bitcoin as a store of value.  From Billionaires like Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, and Michael Saylor to those at the poverty line.  Even $10 of Bitcoin invested and held for long enough, will create some level of savings/wealth.  

Over 10 years Bitcoin’s return has been 2,097,613%, over 5 yrs it has been 9,487%, over 1 yr it has been 418%.  There is NO greater store of value on the planet!  That is a proven fact.  21 million is the hard cap on Bitcoin production, it can and will never change.  All node and mine operators would have to vote for a change to the production of Bitcoin.  There are millions of these operators globally.  Miners are now making $56.2 Million per day mining Bitcoin.  In 2140 or so, when production drops to zero.  Fees will replace the miner reward to compensate miners. 

This technology is the most secure blockchain in the world.  Ethereum is great, but it does not have the security, scarcity, or decentralization Bitcoin has.  Thus, Bitcoin is king!  We still own some Ethereum, at some point we will exchange the rest of it for Bitcoin.  Bitcoin has already won as the store of value and these ETF’s will likely prove that over time.  We have concerns over the futures ETF’s bringing in more manipulation with paper derivative contracts.  However, the Bitcoin FOMO overpowers that right now.  We still believe a bear market is coming by the 2nd Qtr 2022, but for now we will thouroghly enjoy this ride!

We will leave you with this weekly chart and the RSI below, showing how Bitcoin is bouncing off the 21 week EMA:

Thanks to MM Crypto for this chart.  This is not financial advise.  The RSI sits at 65 right now.  Market tops occur when Bitcoin RSI breaks 90 and in bull runs, RSI can get to 96, 97, even 98.  The FOMO (fear of missing out) pushes the RSI to extreme hights at bull run tops!  Hedge this out of control inflation!  Hedge this deflationary crash BEFORE it happens!  Buy and hold Bitcoin!

Neutral ATM buys and sells Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.


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