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Bitcoin finding a bottom?

There is still a tug a war going on from analysts, as to whether Bitcoin is still in a bull market, or is it about to rollover into a bear market.  It still appears 50/50.  We honestly don’t know.  We do know that what we have seen so far has not been a blow off top.  There has been no parabolic bull run yet.  We predicted (last year), that this would happen in November 2021 through February 2022.  However, one hypothesis is that since the 2021 raw material and shipping shortages kicked in, ASIC miners have not been shiping to miner facilities in the usual volumes.  Thus, they have not received these miners on time, and hashrate has not caught up with demand for Bitcoin.  This shipping delay issue, has pushed back this parabolic bull run, and the miner capitulation that happens when miners have to sell their Bitcoin to keep up with hashrate.  Many mining experts who track ASICS shipments are thinking this fall would be most likely time frame for miner capitulation.  Until the miners are forced to sell a lot of Bitcoin, the bull run is still alive.  Yes, it has been on life support all of 2022!  However, what factors could change that for the rest of the year?  Lets start with the banking industry.  Here is a Thomas Jefferson quote warning us about central banks: