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Bitcoin; Don’t focus on the price!

In 2011 Bitcoin fell below $20.  If held until today (12,425% ROI).

In 2015 Bitcoin fell below $200.  If held until today (11,742.5% ROI).

In 2017 Bitcoin fell below $2,000.  If held until today (1,174% ROI).

In June 2022 Bitcoin fell below $20,000, and bottomed at $17,500.  If held until today (34% ROI).  Thus, it is obvious Bitcoin is very volatile.  If the DXY (US dollar Index) goes up, Bitcoin drops.  They are inversely related to each other.  This is a big part of why Bitcoin is so volatile, along with the adoption curve it is on and how new of an asset it is.  Don’t let the volatility scare you away from the only inflation hedge that can save you from this transformation of our monetary system.  The US dollar is dying, it will be replaced by CBDC (central bank digital currency).  When that happens, the central banks will have control and full access to our bank accounts.  If they don’t like our social media posts, they can shut off our money supply.  This is why money and state must be separated, which is the purpose of Bitcoin.  This is the reason it was established in 2008 and made public in 2009!  This tweet below reminds us that 90%+ of all Bitcoin has already been mined. In 118 years (2140).  Bitcoin will stop being mined.  Between now and then, humanity has a chance at free market, scarce, digital money made by the people, for the people.  Here is the tweet detailing the SHEER scarcity of Bitcoin, click here to view on twitter.


Yet, central banks and everything they control is threatened by Bitcoin.  Thus, companies like ProShares now offer a short Bitcoin ETF.  As the name says, this ETF shorts Bitcoin.  Notice what Bitcoin did since this ETF went public on 6/21/22:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin; Don’t focus on the price!


It’s up over 30% since then!  Never short Bitcoin.  Never.


The HODL wave on a 200 day chart shows us that when this ratio gets above 1.0.  That is a sure sign that Bitcoin must be accumulated and held as long as possible.  The orange circles on the chart show when the HODL wave peaked, and when it must be held to maximize returns:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin; Don’t focus on the price!


If a person bought Bitcoin only when the HODL wave on a 200 day chart was above 1.0 they would be garaunteed to make great returns over the course of 3 to 9 years.  The longer they owned Bitcoin, the better the return.  Beating inflation on an annual basis.  This ONLY applies if you hold the Bitcoin for 3 to 9 years.  Getting in and out of it quickly, will lose money!  In the below article we see merchants in the retail industry are getting ready to accept Bitcoin for payment in mass!, click here to read more.


Digital payments in Bitcoin is coming!  A wall of money, sitting in cash waiting to be deployed is coming.  Because equities are crashing, and have a long way to go down.  The DXY chart has begun to roll over, and Bitcoin consequently, is beginning to strengthen again.  As money printing into 2023 and beyond becomes more prevelant, that leads to more Bitcoin adoption.  Increased money in the money supply forces it to lose purchasing power.  When people really feel this, Bitcoin is what they will choose.  We know this because the adoption curve of Bitcoin has told us they are choosing Bitcoin over other alternatives like Gold, Silver.  This next chart tracks only the lows of the bear markets, and we can see the lows are growing at the same rate as the highs:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin; Don’t focus on the price!


The horizontal lines on this chart above show the low trend lines, and the price does not go below those trend lines.  Like a stair step.  Each trend line during bear market lows, is above the previous trend line.  This is the best way to judge Bitcoin by where it is during bear market lows since 2009!  We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  Track when to buy Bitcoin at it’s cheapest prices, and know you will have to hold it for years to get the optimal returns.  Seperating the state from money is a multi decade process.  The BRICS nations believe in this, and more and more countries are joining them.  See Saudi Arabia and Argentina.  All of these nations are backing hard money, and we believe Bitcoin will be used for international settlements by the BRICS union of nations when it all comes together.  Time will tell.  The days of Keynsian economics are coming to an end.  It has taken a long time.  Scarce, hard money cannot be superceded by a money printer!  So don’t focus on the price of Bitcoin.  See the big picture!

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