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Bitcoin as a Hedge

In previous blogs we have discussed quotes from numerous business owners and hedge fund managers that have used Bitcoin as a hedge.  How do they do that?
Business Owners
From MicroStrategy, Tihini’s, and numerous small businesses many business owners are putting their cash reserves into Bitcoin not Fiat Currency.  Why?  Because the buying power of the US Dollar is being lost daily.  CPI shows 1.7% inflation, the Chapwood Index shows 10% inflation and more in some areas.  We expect inflation to only get worse in 2021 & 2022.  It is very prudent to store cash reserves in Bitcoin.  We wonder if Square and Twitter will do this?  It has come up.  As this debt bubble unwinds we believe more and more businesses will begin to switch over to Bitcoin from US Dollars.  That is an extremely bullish tell for future growth.
Hedge Fund Managers/Institutional Investors
Also in previous blogs we have mentioned Paul Tudor Jones of Tudor Investments, the ex-CEO of Prudential, and now Fidelity Investments getting involved in Bitcoin investments.  Most notably Tudor Investments put $2 Billion into Bitcoin investments.  That is a major long term investment that would not have been made if they did not think Bitcoin has the best growth potential during this debt bubble unwind.  Getting savings out of US Dollars and into Bitcoin is important now and will be that much more important in the future as this unwind gets more and more obvious.  Our Mantra is get off zero Texas!  Let us help.
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