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Bitcoin and the Fed's attempt to Inflate the Dollar

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced that interest rates will stay near or at 0% for the foreseeable future.  The Bank of England is using negative interest rates to spurn their economy.  Since Covid 19 lockdowns started, Global economies have slowed way down and demand has not returned since lockdowns ended.  Since the technology industry products are mostly deflationary meaning they bring prices down as technology increases, governments around the globe have to inflate their currencies to stabilize prices.  This has destabilized currencies, especially the US Dollar. 


This relates to Bitcoin because every four years it’s supply is cut in half.  The latest was May 11th 2020.  As the World’s currencies are being inflated Bitcoin is a deflationary asset.  It’s scarcity and the fact that every single Bitcoin in the World can be accounted for programmatically make it valuable and safe.  The proof of work system Bitcoin is built on is the safest network in the World.  Not to mention it hedges all of the world’s central banks.  It is decentralized and permissionless.  Currently Bitcoin is the 6th largest currency in the World.  Hedge your future.  Hedge Central Banks.  Buy Bitcoin.  Don’t have a commercial bank as a middleman.  Neutral ATM in Stafford is safe and convenient to help you get off zero.