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Bitcoin and mass psychosis

500,000 GB of data was just released all over the internet regarding treason, and debauchery performed by the Presidents son, Hunter Biden.  1 Million barrels per day of Oil was sold to China and several European countries, from the strategic petroleum reserve.  Now the SPR is being drained out:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin and mass psychosis


Over 20 nations are experiencing riots over out of control inflation, raw material shortages, and ESG requirments which would destroy the food supply.  Below are the countries experiencing riots and in some cases the governments have now collapsed, click here to view on twitter.


Out of control inflation is a major contributing factor in this.  Of course, most of this rioting is not on MSM television.  However, keeping it hidden is becoming impossible now.  Below is a map of 27 countries in Europe.  They have an average national reported inflation of 20.6%.  Similar to US reported inflation on CPI of 8.6% that is about half of real inflation.  So, in Europe the citizens are experiencing 41.2% real inflation.  Many of these countries are experiencing the shut downs and subsequently, rioting.  For example, in the Netherlands were the worst rioting may well be happening.  ESG mandates require 30% of the livestock to be slaughtered and destroyed.  Not only this year, but future years as well.  This will impact food supply for a very long time in the Netherlands.  Thus, there is rioting.  Here is the chart below showing the inflation rate.  In Europe this is worse than the US, due to ESG mandated spending programs: