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ATM VS Exchange for Access to Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchanges are now numerous worldwide and offer many choices on buying Bitcoin to consumers. But what many people don’t know is that there’s a better way to buy and sell bitcoins that will give you more value.

If you’ve known someone who has bought bitcoin, chances are, they probably bought it at an exchange. 

While exchanges have their pros, there are also some corresponding drawbacks to using an exchange.  Value in terms of fees to buy and sell Bitcoin, and the time it takes to obtain your Bitcoin are very important.  You may have to spend an extra day or up to a month waiting on Bitcoins to arrive with an exchange.  ATM’s have lower maximum limits, however the fees and wait times to buy Bitcoin are lower.  The barrier to entry into Bitcoin is reduced.  Everyone can get off zero!

Delays and Fees

Wait times of a day, a week, or a month are problematic because urgent transactions cannot be undertaken on time.  Higher fees due to the fact that transferring money to exchanges involves commercial banks.

Transacting on exchanges come with security risks especially when it comes to the liquidity aspect. One example of this is when the Mtgox Exchange closed down and filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

Why Bitcoin ATMs Give a Better Deal
Although bitcoin ATMs aren’t designed to take on the typical volumes of transactions as exchanges do.  They are more convenient, shorter wait times for Bitcoins to arrive.  No commercial bank is involved.   Avoiding commercial Bank fees is a big advantage.

Bitcoin ATMs are convenient because transaction times of one to four minutes are common. 

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