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10 Years

If your going to own Bitcoin 10 minutes, plan to own it 10 years.  Treat it like you will not sell it.  Ignore the price, read up on what gives Bitcoin value.  The protocol, the math and energy, the blockchain.  The FUD (fear, unbelief, doubt) in main stream media about Bitcoin, is largely about it’s volatility.  It gets compared to bubbles from the past.  This chart below compares the 12 year history of Bitcoin to bubbles that came and went before it.  None, lasted 12 years, none, ever!  
neutral-atm-bitcoin-10-yearsOur conclusion then, is that Bitcoin is still strong, in the middle of it’s third major bull market.  You could also count the years 2009 to 2011 as a bull market, when Bitcoin was just gaining some adoption amongst cypher punks.  The point is, after 12 years and 2 months, Bitcoin is going strong averaging 201% ROI per year since 2009.  No other asset has done that.  No other “so called” bubble has lasted this long with this kind of success:

On the above chart, Bitcoin has obvious cycles like we discussed in yesterday’s blog.  The tops and bottoms of each cycle are obvious on this “zoomed out” chart.  Resisting the emotional urge to sell after the miners start selling large volumes of Bitcoin and prices are falling.  That kind of emotional strength, intestinal fortitude, is somewhat rare.  Most people panic sell.  If you can resist that urge, you get to experience the next bull run cycle, and then the next one 4 years later.  Surviving 10 years in Bitcoin will provide the warewithal to never give in to selling urges.  It would become easy at that point to keep holding it.  It is that inner strength that creates a Bitcoiner.  Moreso than anything else, learning to invest in this market means learning to resist human nature, panic selling.  Our suggestion, whatever amount you can afford to invest and not touch for 10 years.  Invest that in Bitcoin, see what happens.  It will probably 40X to 70X in 10 years. 
Now that Bitcoin is $1.05 trillion in market cap, Government banning it is not the option it once was.  Keep the investing time horizon long on Bitcoin, you’ll be glad you did.  Next week Neutral ATM will have our OTC Desk on board.  $11K minimum investment for a 4% fee buy or sell. 


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