About Neutral ATM

Neutral ATM started in June 2020 after the Covid-19 Pandemic had sent most Industries on the Gulf Coast into a tailspin.  The Central Bank had printed $3Trillion by then to add to the national deficit.  As of late August the R’s and D’s cannot agree on the next stimulus package they are in a range between $1Trillion and $3Trillion of additional stimulus with an election and social unrest nationwide looming as the macro backdrop. The US Dollar has dropped on the DXY (USD Index) from 104 to 92.  New “Black Swan” events could unfold later causing people to run back into the US Dollar (flight to safety).  However, with all the money printing and US Dollar debasement incoming, we believe more and more investors, companies, and individuals will realize that Bitcoin is the best hedge in the world against US Dollar debasement which is inevitable with all this printing. 
Considering the high-profile companies and investors buying up Bitcoin as their reserve asset instead of cash, and even Warren Buffet selling all his stock holdings and buying Billions worth of Gold Mining stock, now is the time for Bitcoin.It is up over 60% YTD 2020.It was up 74% and we believe it will get back to those levels soon.We expect Bitcoin to get to $20,000 in 2020 and exponentially beyond that in 2021.Don’t let inflation eat away your savings and or retirement.Start hedging now with Neutral ATM.Go digital now with Neutral ATM.Get piece of mind now with Neutral ATM.